Welcome From President

Good Jet Co., Ltd.(Good Jet)was established since Apr.2011, and acquired the CAAR-Part135 AOC from CAAC in early 2015. Good Jet is dedicated to developing business aviation industry from all aspects of the industrial chain. We will take the great opportunity that the whole country-from the government to enterprises- is promoting the civil aviation industry and general aviation in particular .We would make our most efforts to meet the fast growing demand from the business aviation market with the enthusiasm of our team.
Since the establishment of the company, we take "Ensure Safety First, Offer Quality Service, Guarantee Safe Flights, Create Good Profit" as the principle of our operations. With the principle, Good Jet is trying to build a company with good safety record, and meets the international operations standard. We wish that with our hard work, good jet would be able to play an important role in the development of the whole aviation economy and the business aviation industry of China.
Good Jet is building a professional team of staff and trying to attract more talents to join us by providing the employees good working and living conditions. Every one of our team will start from tiny details to bring perfect service experience to our valued customers. We take each flight and each aspect of our service as an art work, and we work in an artisan way. Refined Services, Extraordinary Journey. We will do our best to be one of the best business aviation companies in China.