Q :Why Charter a Business Jet?
A :Comfortable, Convenient, Fast, Private, Efficient and Business!
 Comfortable--Spacious cabin, leather seats, various amenities and customized catering will make your journey on a business jet very comfortable.
 Convenient--You can fly almost anywhere at any time on your own schedule, please forget about the timetable of the commercial flight!
 Fast--You can just get to the FBO 20 min. prior to the ETD for domestic flight, and 40 min. prior to the ETD for international flight. The FBO or VIP channels may save you the long queue for check-in.
 Private--Fly together with your colleagues or family ONLY, your privacy could be well protected.
 Efficient--You can arrange a business meeting up in the air or just relax yourself and take a nap on your bed.
 Business--Satellite phone, internet, fax machine, it will be a flying office for your business. A business jet would also show your business partners or customer a good appearance of your company.
Q :How to arrange a charter flight?
A :Step 1: Call us and let us know your flight schedule.
 Step 2: Get a price quotation.
 Step 3: Make a charter agreement.
 Step 4: Let us know the passenger list and contact numbers of local sponsors.
 Step 5: Make the full payment.
 Step 6: Get on board!
Q :How long does it take to get the flight permit?
A :Domestic Civilian Airport: 3 working days.
 Domestic Civilian & Military Joint Airport: 5 working days.
 Foreign Airports: 7-15 working days.
Q :What make the cost of aircraft management service?
A :Usually the fixed cost for aircraft management includes:Crew’s Salary, flight planning software, aircraft insurance and management fees etc.
 The direct operating cost like fuel, ground service, air catering etc. shall be buried separately by the owner.
Q :Will the service fee be different by different aircraft type.
A :The fixed cost for aircraft management service will be almost the same for different type aircraft. But the different aircraft type will lead to different direct operating cost.