Aircraft Management

With Good Jet Private Jet Management Program, the private jet owners will put their jets in good hands. Just make an Aircraft Management Agreement with Good Jet and pay a reasonable annual fee, then the owners can simply leave all the "headaches" and "troubles" to Good Jet and just enjoy the flights. Under the management of Good Jet, all the issues regarding air crew recruiting/training/maintenance/ spare parts logistics/dispatching/in-flight catering and ground service will be taken care of by Good Jet. In addition to this, Good Jet will also assist the owners in terms of aircraft acquisition/resale, certifications, aircraft financing, insurance, bills settlement and management and many other aspects related to the operation of the private jet. Our ONLY purpose is to facilitate and optimize the use of the private jet for the owners. The customers will find a ONE STOP solution from Good Jet.

"Dragon-Riders" Membership of CBJC

"Dragon-Riders" membership is a special category of membership designed for private jet owners by Good Jet together with China Business Jet Club (CBJC, the first private jet user's Club in China). The privilege of "Dragon-Riders" includes:

Free of Membership Fee

Special Aircraft Management Program for "Dragon-Riders"

Networking Opportunities with Other Members of CBJC